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Jon  (Poi, Juggling, DJ, Magic, Clowning, Various Object Manipulation)

            Jonathan Crandall, A.K.A BlueSunshine, is a well-rounded performer of Object Manipulation Arts, and will tell you that the road was far from easy. In 2005 Jonathan knew his destiny when he gazed at fantastic fire dancers for the first time.   “I just knew that it's what I wanted to do! I practiced constantly!” He later recalls, and it was less than a year after when he was fire dancing for audiences in awe, performing with Fire Poi—fluidly and effortlessly! Jon, already familiar with clowning, ball juggling, and other performance, became heavily submersed in the Movement Art of Poi, which opened up more roads for him. He soon began to teach himself other types of Object Manipulation; He became fascinated with the complicated techniques and language of club juggling, and then later taught himself the mystical art of Contact Juggling.  You can know spot Jonathan waltzing  the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico—spinning poi while strolling the sidewalk one day, and juggling clubs another day; Inquire further as to what is in his many pocket sachels, and he just may show you a trick or two!

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