www.AlaskaJ.Etsy.com     Online Shop with Whisical Hula Hoops ans other fine crafty-ness!

www.DukeCityFix.com/groups/AlbuquerqueHoopers    Online group forum for Albuquerque Hoopers & Hoop Events

www.RogueBindis.com    Rollicking Albuquerque Belly Dancing 

www.FibeSquad.wordpress.com   Pretty cool New Mexico Yarn Graffiti group!

www.WiseFoolNM.org      New Mexico Circus Arts School, youth programs, and performers

http://calamityduane.com/   Roustabout artist, Calamity Duane 

http://centerforcehoops.weebly.com          Info on Starrfire's hoop classes, performance, and hoops

www.FamilyMoons.com  Artist Collective of Movement, Audio, and Visual artists

http://www.clantynker.com/     NM Circus Family Fun! Roustabout Friends :)

http://www.holistichooping.com/      Holistic Hooping happiness from CA :) Awesome LED & Fire hoops!

www.Tribe.net      Social network for all sorts of cool interests :)

www.TribalSouk.com    Source of amazing tribal jewelry, textiles, and other BellyDance goodness  

www.TempleOfPoi.com       The name says it all

http://www.spitfireaerialequipment.com/          NM made quality aerial dance equipment
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