:: Hooping Improv. Tribal Style  ::

Hooping Improvisational  Tribal Style (HITS) is an emerging arena of dance that fuses and incorporates aspects of Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance and Hula Hooping to create a fresh, fun, and energizing menagerie of group performance art!  With the love and drive of Tribal Style Belly Dance, HITS is an inspirational and fun activity that anyone can learn! Like ITS and its sister sprouts,  HITS utilizes group formations, flowing transitions, and cues from a  leader to create a new  blooming dance in the ever growing garden of the Hooping world. Adding  the Hoop as a prop and tool to work with and grow upon, new moves and combinations are born all the time, as this dance develops and expands upon itself.

Alaska Piper started to Pioneer and create this new dance in 2008, and has since collaborated with many hoopers and dancers to perfect, fine-tune, modify, and build movements. Bonnie Claire, Rachel Hessheimer, Flo (Flozilla) Bargar, and Alaska make up the Ritzy Rouge Hoop Troupe, who specialize in the fine art of HITS. The Ritzy Rouge can be spotted dancing to live music and DJs, practicing intensely on a hot summer's day, or twirling and clowning about at a community event near you!

Hooping Improve Tribal Style was discussed on the Fat Chance  Belly Dance podcast:

    Tutorials and performance demos can be seen here:

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